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暴力园丁俏厨娘|冷却塔维修"Tell him to wait in the lobby!" < / p > < p > lu bu turned around, indifferent way, Chen gong ran at this time obviously not want to eat, even if there is something important, lu bu will bowl of porridge, then hurried up to the partial hall to catch up."Yes, just like my football skills, if there is no daily accumulation, it is impossible to have today's results. Lv zheng nodded, and some confused look at lu bu, these two things have a relationship?"Ding"

Xun you and zhong you looked at Chen qun and shook their heads. It was obvious that the events of the day had made them lose the mood to go back to the wild goose pavilion for fun.There was a moment of silence over the hall."Lord, your frost emissary and jiangdong emissary have gone beyond the south gate." An hussar riding battalion all came in and bowed to lv bu.暴力园丁俏厨娘|"Kill!"

暴力园丁俏厨娘|"You and I were born into a family, and we know that there are times when our own destinies cannot be decided by ourselves. There are sacrifices that must be made for the good and continuity of the family." Is a light look at CAI MAO road."CAI MAO may be fierce, but liang is sure that he can take xiangyang within ten days." Zhuge liang smiled."What are our war losses? Zhang liao looked a little ugly, although the battle won, but the other side launched the kind of strange chongcheng car or break through their defense, if not captured ye cheng, the consequences are unimaginable.

At lv meng zhou yu, face a smile, jiangling, pointing to a map location way: "if we attack the jiangling, you see it around, regardless of xiangyang, changsha or jiangxia, can to our troops, and may be broken our Jiang Xiajun retreat, jiangling is not can't attack, but scored jiangling, our army could be at risk of alone, but they did, the fifty thousand troops will be destroyed, now jingzhou is disorderly, but if CAI can not be together with liu bei, jiangling, under attack for our army, vile, now, we can't lose, once lost, will lose the opportunity to compete for the world.""But...... Lanzhan face slightly changed, looking at lv bu's eyes, flash a struggle, gritted his teeth way: "he... It's your son!""Snow ~"暴力园丁俏厨娘|




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