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我和女老师|广东万和集团有限公司"Your Majesty, General RiLe." Into the huns warrior a face of dusty, but not liu leopard brought out of the soldiers, but stay in the old camp of the warrior.Korea hence suddenly some complain about the unfair fate, lyu3 bu4 under general how much? Seibel, zhang liao, now there is a pound, and d, zhang embroidery, each is not bad."Hey, seibel general has the battle of huaili meritorious service, this batch of jun's merit, can't leave him!" Wei smiled.

Xuchang, cao fu.Although he was a scribe, But the swords of the scribes of this time were not for decoration, Gentleman six arts, but clearly have riding and shooting skills, although there is no way to compare with those who charge forward, but unexpectedly, kill a lieutenant who is not prepared for the same ability is no problem, zhang both in harmony and cool, experience war, nature is not what weak scholar comparable."It makes me wonder." D smell speech don't care to smile.我和女老师|Han sui didn't speak, with people went straight to burn when the old king's camp.

我和女老师|Hua tuo smell speech zheng, some touched nodded: "wen hou heart of the world, hua tuo admired, willing to do a little for the world, a contribution."At the same time, general andy mansion, sent away the angel sent by the court, marten knocked on the table, he didn't Korea hence those winding around in the heart, very readily agreed to go to lyu3 bu4, just heard that lyu3 bu4 valiant, eldest son d although fierce, but don't know if it is the opponent of lyu3 bu4."This..." Chen qun startled, he is not don't know these, just didn't expect lyu3 bu4 will take these things, but he couldn't refute.

"Little general!" Swept array of pound saw d off, frightened, desperate rushed to lyu3 bu4, hand like a trunk knife with a strange whirling force cut to lyu3 bu4."The zhong yao is not stupid, I'm afraid not cronies, even if to come, will also bring the army." The lieutenant hesitated."I have met Mr Li." D picked a pick eyebrow, for a person who doesn't even want to reveal the name, instinctively some rejection, but somebody else is to help themselves, after all, also not good snub.我和女老师|




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