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维密秀上海直播|麒翔木枣口服液Liu bei station troops nanyang, over the years for the old rivals, Cao Caoke mean no contempt, in recent years, liu bei in nanyang are flawed, however, no matter the livelihood of the people or the military, and the account is now no longer as before, only closed two valiant soldier, more a lot of celebrities, although the territory is inferior to xuzhou, but today's liu bei than when in xuzhou is strong too much, wing is abundant, and according to the years intelligence gathered from jingzhou, liu bei not just holding hands in nanyang, jiangxia was clenched in the hands of liu bei, too."Be." Xu shu nodded his head, and after thinking for a moment, he said, "kong mingqian is a studious man who is good at argument. He often compares himself with guan zhong and le yi. In the past, Mr. Sima once said that wolong is kong Ming's chicken. ""Chief, who are those people?" The soldier, red-cheeked with cold, prodded mumber in the side of the eye, and pointed to the line approaching slowly. It was a fripperous day.

Lv bu raised his eyes and glanced at the monk standing in the doorway of the temple, frowning: "people pay for their lives and debts."Don't you han people have an emperor? He's a general. I'm a general! Why not?""Almost, grandpa. I'll go and have a look." Zheng xiaotong holding zheng xuan's hand, voice choked, was about to leave, but see the room a dark light, lv bu and Chen gong, jia xu and others have come in.维密秀上海直播|

维密秀上海直播|To put it bluntly, lyu3 bu4 cao cao, now one of the biggest obstacles is not force, but once opened, lyu3 bu4 only sun quan, it is likely to become Allies will follow lyu3 bu4, if lyu3 bu4 took the place of the central plains, regardless of whether can hold the han emperor in their hand, even if you can't, lyu3 bu4 forces than originally three kingdoms at the same time in the history of cao cao is more big, three cent world, lyu3 bu4 scored the second, both liu bei and sun quan will not sit back lyu3 bu4 win the central plains.It may seem laborious and thankless, but if you think about it, you'll remember it better.

Where to stop, ford has been out of the city gate, galloping toward the city.First of all, chang 'an was in the west, and lubu ruled the east and west. However, the prosperity under lubu's rule now was in the west, and the control of youzhou and jizhou in the east was a little weak. At the moment, moving the administration to luoyang was more conducive to the development of the east, and more in line with the development concept of economic and cultural invasion of lubu.Unfortunately, the plan was never able to catch up with the change. Originally, lu bu had conquered southern hebei, but it did not have a great impact on liu bei.维密秀上海直播|




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