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爱情重跑4|大家乐彩票机"The general is full of praise." Tracing the cause and gu shao hurriedly thanked, lyu3 bu4 in changan for years now, the hand must oh the livelihood of the people, even if no longer deliberately course itself that imposing manner, raise your hand is cast sufficient between, has its own over the dignity, and he is moving the world's first, two people in the face of lu bu for the first time, unconsciously gives birth to an unaccountable tension in my heart."Separate? The queen?" Cao cao wen yan one zheng, turned his head to see liu xie a glance, looked at fu over, shook his head and said: "a good move to divert the tiger from the mountain, the country zhang good calculation!"Chapter 42 the monk

"Yes, just like my football skills, if there is no daily accumulation, it is impossible to have today's results. Lv zheng nodded, and some confused look at lu bu, these two things have a relationship?Inescapably, although is a fighter, but if stranded in too much power, that the aircraft is likely to become the source of unrest, let leud alliance against lyu3 bu4 ahead of time, even if it is just sent goodwill jiangdong, if lyu3 bu4 to jingzhou laid hands on him at the moment, I'm afraid will not hesitate to stand on the opposite of lu bu.To battle, had decided to move from after, all the women have the cognitive in the heart, even lu bu is recognized as one of the world in Athens, and since the xuzhou, almost invincible, but as a woman, concern is always inevitable, especially in the safe all day after five years later, for the stability is always very want to stay, but they also know that this world, their man is impossible to secure half side, enjoys a peace, because it is not practical.爱情重跑4|"This morning, I received a message from a flying pigeon from hanzhong. Chen gong also had a smile on his face. After all, he took hanzhong without saying a word. For them, it was like opening the door of shu zhong.

爱情重跑4|The figure of nighthawk appears before lyu3 bu3 body, one knee ground bow way: "nighthawk dereliction of duty, let host and little advocate frighten, sin should die!"The paper along the water, and saw a large crowd of people gathered at a distance, beating each other, the qiang people energetic, cruel like the tiger, the number although lee, but will come around people, together with the mediation of soldiers are playing flustered, one of the eight feet tall, surface such as the heavy jujube man is particularly fierce, with his bare hands, but played more than a dozen officers and soldiers can't close."Presumptuous! Ma chao saw this lubricious eye man actually direct with lv bu dialogue, and tone irreverent, immediately cold hum 1, see that lubricious eye man: "who are you? How dare you dare to run wild before my Lord!"

Lv zheng's face turned pale, and his heart could not stop the fear, ten years ago's father, is still the world's first fierce ah.'it can't be! Xia houyuan frowned and said, "I have seen their layout and tried to attack from other directions. Every thirty steps there would be a giant crossbow, which could shoot three arrows at a time. Our stone catapults could not advance two hundred paces at all.With a bitter smile and shaking his head, yu said, "the defeated general, an dares to speak bravely." Looking back at the camp in a panic cao jun soldiers, hesitated, to zhaoyun bow way: "only ask the general to treat our soldiers in our army."爱情重跑4|




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