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大阿福老家|杰威品牌形象设计"Your excellency, cross the river quickly, and we'll block the thieves!" Army hou pull zhong yao way, although the river is not deep, but if the whole army ran past, I'm afraid the opposite enemy will not be so leisurely, they will rushed up in the first time, will kill jun in the river, that way, I'm afraid even zhong yao can't cross the river.People smell speech, can not help but look at each other, so unknown, had to bow to promise 1, their departure.Big fellow northwest war, Korea hence led the huns KouBian, besieged lyu3 bu4, Naturally, it arouses a lot of disdain, But for lyu3 bu4, the central plains family equally good feeling owe, although the northwest of the war report these days, but did not cause any shock, in the eyes of many family governors, this is a dog-to-dog battle, it is best to die on both sides, but cao cao beautiful repelled yan liang invasion, drew a lot of applause for himself.

Smart soldiers in the west cool smell speech, hurriedly flatter way: "Thank you for not killing the general.""Present it!" Lyu3 bu4 and marotta face at the same time, waved."What's the matter with you?" Korea hence suddenly stood up, have a bad feeling.大阿福老家|But in recent days back to the news let liu leopard heart covered with a layer of haze, liu dry forces were killed before they reached the pastoral slope, the western handsome liu can also damage nearly half of the military forces, according to the news back, the attack on the two xiongnu army and the army of achievements, led by lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly.

大阿福老家|"Sit down, Wenruo. Good news." Cao cao smiled."Unfortunately, if you can more military forces, this war, will zhong yao annihilated." Looking at the lieutenant left the figure, wei sighed."Go ahead and greet them." Wei YanDang first walked toward the camp, anyway, this is zhang liao sent to people, etiquette needs to respect.

Li Bao smell speech, can't help but in the heart left mouth, He Yi He Man is what master? Clearly still don't believe them, but luckily, the general had already calculated this matter, had already prepared, now nodded: "So, at the end of the night, will lead the way for adults.""Yes." Marotta smell speech, helpless a sigh, nodded, no longer words.大阿福老家|




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