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中国船长故事新闻财经道理财cjdao"Congratulations to the host for obtaining Xianbei Qi Yun bonus and greatly improving all attributes."Just for the moment, Seeing that Cao Cao hadn't even had time to put on his shoes, he ran out to meet himself, No matter what dissatisfaction in the heart, this moment in the heart is involuntarily rising a warmth, especially in contrast to lombardi to his attitude, coupled with the huge contrast in the eyes of the soldiers around, is greatly satisfied with xu togeher vanity, at that moment, xu togeher some ashamed, really gave birth to a heart of death for a confidant.Early the morning of the fourth day of the army's departure, Is playing endure strength lyu3 bu4 in the courtyard, suddenly heart induction, looked up at the sky, but see the whole huns king's court, belongs to the king's air is rolling, hidden, it seems that there is a desperate roar, a sense of depression from the air pressure down, seems to want to lyu3 bu4 the outsider to be excluded.

Xu togeher sighed: "Unfortunately, lombardi listened to the words of the crafty men, refused to use my counsel, but also repeatedly humiliated me in front of all!""Arrows!" Mayi ChengTou, zhang he looked at the enemy's chaotic formation, slightly frown, is not how much the other side, on the contrary, the army, looked weak poor, even the basic formation can't keep, so screaming towards the wall of the attack."Bao ~"中国船长故事新闻Cao Cao-wen said, glancing at the short four-sentence poem in his hand, and suddenly laughing spiritually, "Well, if you have a confidant in your life, what can you ask for? If you have a great enemy in your life, it's a real pleasure, Chung-te. He sent an order back to the capital to pay tribute to Lu Bu. With this merit, you can make Lu Bu the champion."

中国船长故事新闻Lyu3 bu4 smell speech dazed, but really didn't think about it, only feel in the chest can't vent, just carved this poem, smell speech at the moment, thought about it, service road: "Call out the plug!"Although the soldiers who had settled a section of the wall, But when the gates were opened, Something happened, Falling in before grant but arranged for two groups of people stationed on the wall and under the wall, Originally to guard against lyu3 bu4 attack during the night, The soldiers went up to the city, Psychologically, Give the soldiers in the guarding city an illusion that reinforcements are coming, can stabilize the morale of the army, But at this time, It worked wonders, The action of a title of generals in ancient times camp after all some noise, although killed ChengTou soldiers, but let the soldiers at the gates of the alert, responsible for the section of the wall of the small school did not sound, but ambush, wait for the male broad sea with people touch to the gate, suddenly fight from both sides, a time, surprised shout ShaSheng woke up all around the soldiers, rushed toward this side."Take these women and sheep and cattle, and go home!" Begging FuGe Yang haughty dry cloud loudly way, this battle, although damaged some soldiers, but the goods are quite abundant, didn't expect the huns, such a short time, plundered so much wealth, now, all cheap them.

"Quebec can't be looking for me at this time." Lyu3 bu4 holding both arms, unscrupulous eyes in the other side of the smooth body prowling: "from the first look at you, you know you are not a peaceful woman."This lombardi was xu togeher that scold, annoyed, where can hear xin comment voice is to make xu togeher to the rear, cut off xu togeher surrender to cao cao."Kirby can! It's you!" See the bearer's moment, step root only feel a chill swept over, spread to the whole body, why can Kirby be here? Isn't it Taoba Ji powder?中国船长故事新闻




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