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欧弟经纪人米果|丽婷野葛根胶囊好吗After all, it is a new thing, is deng xian for a time also can not think of the drawbacks, also was pang tong painting out of the picture pie to captivate the eyes."So what? Today, I, lv meng, have come for a personal grudge. Men, kill me!" Lv meng cold hum 1, commanded, hundreds of ancient warships protected whith cowhide, every five or ten a group, toward to side with Chen to come over."The 100,000 troops are ours."

"Knot! Chen could only fight with the well-trained troops on the land. At the moment, in the water, facing the impact of the enemy was a little confused. Even before the fierce collision of the other side, even a simple formation could not be completed.Blood is in the air of restlessness, guan yu in the hands of the falchion has killed don't know how much the enemy's head, with dozens of famous knife hand kept an defending a city wall, jingzhou army to attack a few opportunities on the wall, so once the attack on the wall, originally like sheep gentle jingzhou army, to become the most evil hyenas butch instant embodiment."Yes, unfortunately, not for our army!" Lv meng silently nodded, seeing Chen to rush toward this way, not from cold hum 1, harsh voice way: "capsize boat!"欧弟经纪人米果|Under Chen to drive, save some weakness, the ships down the river, even saved a few boats, join their retreat, but jiangdong water army seemed to know each other's purpose, no force, just takes compose behind them, pick up the results, once someone left behind, the Yangtze river water army would like tiger jump, immediately vessels will be left behind to swallow.

欧弟经纪人米果|< / p > < p > the ship on the river bank, taishi ci and other jiangdong soldiers laughed slowly back yan 'an, against the river, ready to land from jiangling, in trying to recapture jiangxia, if land and siege battle, Chen to confident jiangdong soldiers can be over abuse.Zhou yu had been pressing down on sun quan's heart like a mountain. He was one of the founders of jiangdong foundation."Back to jiangling! Chen to shook his head, it's no use crying over spilt milk., Jiang Dongjun have prepared on the riverbank, and he brought jiangxia to ambush Jiang Dongjun water-forces, carry are strong GongJin crossbows, whereas the other is fully equipped, and war is not to the director, Chen in this kind of invasion in a disadvantage, unless he is willing to risk the cost of massive casualties rushed up to hard with each other, as long as on shore, Chen to self-confidence, can fight our way out, but that makes no sense, ashore, even before his military forces have to collapse.

"I can tell an outsider, that jiang dongjie, must know this, if they can see that I will come here today, is a good chance to get rid of me." Chen seems to have a lot to say today."You...... ""I see." Pang tong nodded: "so, general liu is not ready to rule with me?"欧弟经纪人米果|




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