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英迈m500|思兰朵焕颜祛斑霜"General, what is it?" Xu Sheng curious way.D military forces gallop overnight after all is now sleepy, after a moment of stalemate, gradually showing signs of decline, only d, rushed to the left in the crowd right tu, past, blood filled.Road to step by step, lyu3 bu4 know what they are now the most critical is to do, so in consultation with marotta, also just talk about improving the treatment of craftsmen to ji hair craftsmen work enthusiasm, as for improving the status of craftsmen, lyu3 bu4 is impossible to mention to anyone until the time is ripe.

After the Han army, It's 8,000 relatively scattered Moon warriors, They don't know why they're fighting this war, But now, Living on the prairie, In the face of such a full-line impact of the huns, Back, only a dead end, the han people block in front of them, also let them have a sense of common hatred, at least in the past in the history of co-operation with the han people, they have always been as cannon fodder block in front of the han people, the han people will be the most difficult position to resist themselves, won the recognition of these people.Guan Yu looked at coppage, eyes some complex, calculate up, two people also calculate fellow countryman, for coppage ability, guan Yu has not underestimated, just now, each for its owner, meet each other on the battlefield, after all, is some regret, but he is proud, this kind of emotion will not show up, just calm way: "two sister-in-law can have good?""What shall we do then?" Jun hou smell speech, can not help but face big change, anxious way.英迈m500|"I have a problem, and you go to send someone to inform zhong yao to receive soldiers, said I wait for discontented master for a long time, willing to join cao cao." Wei Yan looked to lieutenant: "This matter must find a reliable person to go, if zhong yao really rate army, before entering the barracks, as soon as possible."

英迈m500|"Master, the thief potential is huge, I'm afraid..." Hande frowned, looked at lyu3 bu4 worry, although arranged in advance the pit, but after all, according to the size of ten thousand people to arrange, suddenly came thirty thousand people, don't know if you can eat."Master, according to this progress, as long as there are two more attacks, will pastoral pound camp break!" Camp, Liang Xing excitedly to Korea hence way: "At that time, our army will be able to drive straight in, recover Jincheng, west gansu, hanyang and even stability and north five counties, sit west cool again.""Arrows!" D fiercely waved.

"Master said what?" Chen xing doubtful look to lyu3 bu4, didn't hear lyu3 bu4 words."The plan has been worked out, and it is up to your excellency to decide whether to use it or not, especially if you are not feeling well." Looked at miu shang hesitant, lee you shook his head, there are only two options, since don't want to surrender, that also only world war I, this kind of thing can hesitate for half a day, when really no bravery bandits, say goodbye, also don't wait for miu shang to answer, turned straight away."General, do you want to pursue?" A lieutenant climbed YuanMen, looked at d, can't help but excited asked.英迈m500|




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