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5613小哥可卡重庆天宸律师事务所"The Lord said," when the reason cannot be explained, he should fight with his fist. After that, the reason can be explained." Pang tong smiled as he watched the direction of the wall from the back of his horse."There must be a limit to ignorance." Ma chao sneered and said, "didn't you ever hear the name of god of war on the silk road?""Hanzhong won? When did you hear it?" When hearing the news from Chen gong's report, lv bu was obviously leng leng, although he had high expectations for pang tong, but from pang tong and wei yan secretly stationed troops in Chen cang, said to send guan guan garrison, now even less than half a month.

"Don't worry." Lyu3 bu4 on tracing the cause of shoulder say with smile: "between the two countries, do not cut to make, about the whole person, is that I'm not you, I can't stand, jiangdong zhou yu, lu su, tracing the cause if in jiangdong, you want to, have to be all these people didn't, because of jiangdong resource, marshal couldn't afford to three, and on my side, but there is enough for heaven and earth, galloping, lujia more fit you.""Well!" The people will hear speech bow lead life, retreat to the zhangshui bank village.5613小哥可卡In yecheng, zhang liao gathered generals ma tie and pei ang.

5613小哥可卡Several subordinates look at each other, how to fight?"Han general, please stop, do not offend the queen!" A few precious frost bodyguard see lv bu to come over, complexion cannot help greatly change, want to come forward, zhaoyun, ma chao, pound, north palace leaves qiqi to take a step forward, fierce imposing manner presses down, a flock of expensive frost country bodyguard is pressed to be unable to breath immediately, seeing lv bu walks before LAN zhan body, stretch out one's hand to uncover the veil of the other side."Two!" The small school ignored zang ba's clamor and just gave an indifferent count.

Even though cao cao had told him that he was only a helper and was really another person, but as a swordsman's dignity, from the first step, shi a never wanted to place his hope on others, he wanted to make his sword, become immortal, become a sword to break the pattern of the world.Chen gong and gao shun's mouth twitched for a few times, and they looked at Chen GUI with red face."Oh." Lv zheng nodded his head and saw that the food in front of lv bu was almost finished. He quickly began to fight against the food on the table. But after a while, he raised his head again and looked at lv bu.5613小哥可卡




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