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辻沙耶香|练泥机"D!?" Horse play, li can change color at the same time, a terrible idea flashed through my mind: master!Montenegro, white water qiang."Here!" Han De smell speech, hurriedly rode away, soon, a moon people general led down to lyu3 bu4 in han De.

Han De smell speech sighed, For five days, With 5,000 men, He annihilated forty thousand Huns, In Hand's view, It's a miracle, But if you hurt a thousand, you will hurt eight hundred, Even if there is lyu3 bu4 such a superhero led, after the huns life alert, began to encircle lyu3 bu4, even though the soldiers have the heart to die, but three days and three nights of battle, also will the army close to the edge of collapse, at least in the view of hande, can play to the present, there are more than two thousand people alive, has been a miracle."Three hundred thousand? What a battle!" Country smell speech, sneer at 1: "Then how many hay to raise so many people? If he really let him beat lyu3 bu4, he has the ability to send away these prairie wolves?"Lyu3 bu4 twisted his head, looked at Yang Xi, but saw the other side is also looking at himself, smiled, shook his head and said: "Three days is too long, tomorrow can be married, in addition, the city, the general with sincerity, also hope you haoshuai can seriously consider."辻沙耶香|Ezra pound shook his head and said, "that seibel is not worthy of the name, but after all, so long time, the wall could not see the figure, I'm afraid there is fraud."

辻沙耶香|"Master, there is something wrong with the huns." Hande on horseback came to lyu3 bu4 side, turned his head to look at the rear, sink a track: "it seems, is procrastinating marching speed.""Hum!" Liang Xingleng snorted, looking in the direction of d loudly way: "marching to war, how can such as that no man? D, if you want to revenge for your family, then to attack the camp, liang waiting here, if not this ability, or get back as soon as possible."At the moment two people's heart is a little heavy, and xu chu nodded after the ceremony, then hurried to the chamber.

"Master just need to settle down to marry beautiful mother can be." Giffin smiled."Is he yi he man two generals."All the counsellors smell speech, can not help but smile, if lombardi received this gift, the mood is not too good.辻沙耶香|




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