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90210第二季|键上飞"Yo ~""But..." The people hesitated: "Daqing Mountain is now the territory of the Han people, they may not be willing to lend us the way.At this moment, kui head suddenly found, so big king's court, in addition to step root and temuzhen, oneself unexpectedly no one available!

"Can we go?" Kirby can look at the back of step root, sneer at 1, hands have been more than a carved bow, step root military forces have been stopped, at the moment only step root with a few QinWei fight YuanMen, Kirby can look at the back of step root, a cold smile, bow and arrow, action flow, one go, bow, pull string, let go."Zhang embroidery." Lyu3 bu4 finally looked at zhang embroidery way: "This time you will come to sit behind the town, help the waves to allocate hay, do not make a lack of!""Who did it?" Come to the rescue of the chieftain of the begging fu tribe looked at such a tragedy, cold face deep way.90210第二季|Coss smell speech, A knife pushed back Wei Yan, Turn your head, And then I saw the two of them fighting, Jun has been under wei elite kill is about to be defeated, Coss, Seeing Wei Yan kill again, Suddenly a bridle of horses, With a long knife in his hand, chop to Wei Yan 's throat, Although this move is not as subtle as Guan Yu's towing knife, but also quite get three of them, Wei Yan caught off guard, Although dodging in time, And I almost got a boring loss, In my heart is surprised a cold sweat, Coss saw the trick failed to kill wei, Heart know again, lose or not win, hurriedly le into the wei army, a head to cut several pawn, even with subordinate soldiers will meet again, kill a lot of people, wei, although repeatedly angered, but was blocked by the rebels, can only watch coss left rushed right tu, a little bit of the military forces gathered around again.

90210第二季|Think of the scale of eighteen governors, lyu3 bu4 is now able to understand why dong zhuo dare to fight with the governors of the world."Master, these to officials at all levels of the salary is not too much?" Linrong government office, after negotiating the military, the new title of generals in ancient times under the door of the general book with jiang xu, with an official document to lyu3 bu4 said.

At the same time, five big tribal allied forces, Kirby can camp, read the letter in hand, Kirby can smile and said: "It is called the prairie wolf man, in the words of the Chinese, this is the bottom draw! If he succeeds, I'm afraid the coalition will fall apart, someone, to invite the leaders of the other four big tribes to come, I have important things to discuss with them."Step root at the moment to the eyes of the huns tribe, suddenly with some pity, if begging for the vole people know at the moment timuzhen ran to their nest, don't know whether to pour out regret for the nest.Listening to Han Sui's words, Daxi's heart was wide open, and he laughed aloud, "No, this time he's sitting behind my back!"90210第二季|




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