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陈翔被强吻照片|灵芝盆景批发Heard lyu3 bu4 finally let go, step root overjoyed, hurriedly pulled lyu3 bu4 said: "great, eldest brother know this thing will be happy to sleep, go, I take you to see eldest brother, you don't know, your name now, people outside have you as a grassland master, in addition to the western xianbei hate you, the other big tribes want to attract you."In Beijing alone, this year 's earnings have more than tripled over the previous year, Although lyu3 bu4 reduced the tax burden, and even many regions implement tax exemption policy, but lyu3 bu4's regime has now gained good credibility among the people, the people are willing to sell grain to the government, and the government from the commercial tax burden to buy grain, not only did not reduce the stock of hay, but doubled up.Forget these two people, even for hebei four court column zhang he, high, in the army also don't have the prestige to command the armed forces.

Zhang Gu sank into a deep heart, forced to smile and said: "General, but XiaGuan not well? Or these dishes and wine and general appetite?""Kirby can!" Lyu3 bu4 camp, lyu3 bu4 will all write the names of the five tribes on paper, finally, a coagulation of eyes, in the name of Kirby can, ticked a circle.After the war liquidation, plus lyu3 bu4 brought five thousand military forces, the whole barracks, add up to thirty thousand people, the other or death or escape, lyu3 bu4 also can't run to chase these people at the moment.陈翔被强吻照片|Coss smell speech, flushed, anger hum 1: "our army is far from tired, not durable war, let you have a city today, not with you, the next day to find your bad luck!"

陈翔被强吻照片|"The thief will, since he does not want to keep his name, leave his life behind!" Zhang he laughed, bow and arrow, an arrow again.Seeds of distrust, Not only in the sword of two leaders, even under their soldiers, if you know the army, can see, now the thirty thousand troops in the barracks, in fact, is divided into a small group, distinct from each other, such a coalition, even if the number of people, in fact, in lyu3 bu4 view, no longer have a threat."Then... who will lead the troops?" Qui-head looked at step root, and under all the leaders, asked a very critical question.

"I don't think I need to say much about the tribe. Everybody has seen it." Take a deep breath, lyu3 bu4 in the huns loudly said: "yesterday, the begging fu tribe has been uprooted by us, but our tribe, also finished.""How? The Qifu tribe has sent out the whole army this time. Even if we go up there, it will only add more than five hundred lives." Lyu3 bu4 coldly looked at the vast army of begging fu tribe with destroyed the momentum of the day to the huns tribe, fragile village wall simply can't withstand the charge of this scale, but dug a pit outside the horse, can let these begging fu tribe people eat a big loss.Chen Xing cross gun parry, But see coss will knife a slip, Cros Chen Xing's five fingers, Chen Xing hurriedly let go, One tap of the barrel, Swing the barrel to coss, Was coss wave a knife on the barrel of a gun, gun front stabbed back, almost stabbed Chen Xing throat, palm is rubbed under a layer of skin, see coss knife to again, Chen Xing struggling to support more than 30, gradually lost, see their army has been coss brought military forces scattered, the heart knows the situation has gone, the moment a gun, lemas then go.陈翔被强吻照片|





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