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棹红船蜂花前清茶价格It hurts!"At the end of the day he will lead his life." Pipe hai hongsheng promised."Kill ~" Wei Yan raised his sword, looked up to the sky sent out a violent roar, lost the impact of the cavalry, even less than infantry.

"Yes." Marotta smell speech, helpless a sigh, nodded, no longer words.Marotta did not speak, Lyu3 bu4 news, just to improve morale, but who knows, even if Korea hence without the huns, but these days the main attack has been the huns and burn block qiang people, Korea hence the loss is actually not big, they can think of this problem, Korea hence how can't expect, I'm afraid the next, is the battle really fierce."Master, strategist is here." XiongKuoHai words, interrupted lyu3 bu4 ideas, turned to look, but see marotta don't know when, has appeared in the camp.棹红船"Why?" Lyu3 bu4 puzzled.

棹红船Marten stared at Matthew, then thought about it, nodded and said, "That's all right, Ma Tie."Lyu3 bu4 re-turned the horse, came to twenty chapters away from the huns, quietly stopped, now santa has gathered the last soldiers."Oh?" Country's eyes a bright, slightly sat up, the original blurred eyes become polished, burning to look at at: "How about gambling on my month's wine money?"

"Yesterday master and Mei county area big break west cool army, west cool army overnight Mei county, all the way to the west cool, as for master, after that he went nowhere." Replied the intelligence officer hastily."Over there." Qiang decadent pointed to burn when the old king's camp."Eloquence?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and said, "Wen Yao was too prejudiced against me. Dong Zhuo was not sincere to me at that time. He was on his guard everywhere for fear that I might gain military power, was he right?"棹红船





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