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乱系列|匹克自行车"General liu, take back what you just said. General Ben may as well not have heard anything." Zhang ren did not answer, but only looked at liu, sinking slowly"I wonder what the Lord's orders are?" Pang tong and others quickly bowed, on behalf of lu bu, riding an order, no one must break."They're all dead, but they're still warm. They must have just died." The deputy head came to the tiger guard head side, said quietly.

His martial arts may not as good as living star, but if of fierce, I'm afraid as good as any, cao cao's side, this kind of person, have a plenty of prisoners, the veteran has derived the rest of my life, no matter what fighting skill, but the rush of fierce crime is very heavy, qi xu chu, yue xi, after all, the top leading is really hard to find, therefore, cao cao settle for second best, looking for a lot of such figures as a pro, skill is not so much chu, the xi as big, but that of not afraid of death, when necessary, these people can not hesitate to take the body to help cao cao to block the arrow.As soon as the hundreds of generals came down, the hundred thousand troops were basically under the control of pang tong."Well!"乱系列|"That's fine." Pang tong let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, lv zheng was not as unruly as his sister. Otherwise, pang tong and others really had a headache.

乱系列|"Then it's all my fault! ?" Liu zhang's face darkened and he stared at meng da."Poop-poop ~" gold pieces short shot from a different direction of the arrow, the tiger who, after all, are the elite around cao cao in the tiger who and at the head of the warning that a moment, and then responded, still some arrows in the fall on the ground."In." Meng da waved, let the small school leave, turned to liu zhang a bow.

"Look! General liu is back From a distance, the soldiers who guarded the camp could see that no one was with them, and that they were coming at a gallop, horses whipped and dusty"General, could it be a trick of the jingzhou army?" "Whispered one of the lieutenants."Yes, this old man is very old, but most of the generals in the army are his juniors. They are favored by him and have a wide prestige. They are not under general zhang. Deng xian affirmative answer way.乱系列|




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