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starless i 背徳の馆吹塑机配件"Ten years early?" Method is smell speech can not help but sneer at a way: "If had been born ten years earlier, the scholar yuan can't forget the elder lady.""Bravado, men, the other side is already at the end of the line, give me the arrow!" Tardif cold hum 1, collected mind, a wave of his hand, followed by thousands of jiangdong soldiers quickly bow and arrow, to guan yu and others a wave of arrows shot down."Little Lord …" Xie Cheng lips trembled, splashed to his knees, crying and howling: "I was also deceived by the villain, to do such a stupid thing, I hope little Lord for our contribution to Shu meritorious, spare my life!"

Army mighty come over, and then so powerful retreat, zhang fei for a time can't understand what's going on in the minds of these people?Chapter one hundred and twelve inexplicable victory"Who is that?" Zhang fei turned his head to look at a defected shu general asked.starless i 背徳の馆"Boom ~"

starless i 背徳の馆"What are you afraid of? There are only five hundred of them. Kill them!" A family general saw morale should be XiongKuoHai exclaim to pressure down, not great anger, drank hard, when the gun rushed to XiongKuoHai first, in this case, must break XiongKuoHai that morale suppression.Chapter one hundred and seven joke sceneUntil guan yu on land hit wood mulberry water army, into jiangdong, changjiang river natural chasm is no longer useful, the sense of crisis came to mind.

In this unfavorable situation, single-handedly, slay the enemy master is undoubtedly a good way to reverse the situation, if the other master slay, that even if the guanzhong military forces again elite, without the command of the coach, zhang fei can also use various methods to break the difficult army.Li Yan obviously know the guanzhong strong crossbow, And also expected that once jiangdong war is not smooth, lyu3 bu4 will inevitably go south, so at the beginning of his term, began to implement the strategy of firm wall and clear the wild, with nanyang city as a front against lyu3 bu4, will be a large number of people migrating south, at the same time in nanyang city, dug out a gully, this is also li yan figured out the defense."More than that!" The general excitedly said: "general guan big break lv meng, after recapturing jiangxia, while firewood mulberry emptiness, into firewood mulberry, sun quan several times sent for peace, but was general guan refused, and take advantage of the army, all the way big break nanchang, luling, the whole yu zhang has been taken by our army, jiangdong six county, now only wu county, kaiji, danyang, jiujiang four county."starless i 背徳の馆




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