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神弹宫浩瀚影院Ma Su was silent, Lv Zheng also no longer say more, Ma Su is indeed a talent, But at least for now, As Lyu3 bu4 said, Has not experienced any unique opportunity, now ma, even if let out, is a counselor, lyu3 zheng do have the heart to cultivate, but ma refused, lyu3 zheng won't spend too much time on him, lyu3 bu4, talent is really not short, as long as lyu3 zheng adult, he opened his mouth, don't know how many people will sharpen their heads to drill to his side."What are our weaknesses?" Zhang fei stared."Lu Zheng!?" See lu zheng, wu jin can't help but cry out.

Don't take off, no shield hand block, he is a live target, hundreds of arrows cluster shot, so close to do not run, wait to become a hedgehog."Then give me another military forces, I don't believe, those new shu army can also be compared with the guanzhong elite. Zhang Fei refuses to accept the airway.The next few days, no matter yan yan or wei yan after that test, did not move again, wei yan built a camp, and yan yan yan is constantly strengthen dianjiang and dianjiang peripheral defense, both sides are waiting silently, waiting for the coming big battle.神弹宫"Bao ~ Jingzhou victory!" At this time, camp suddenly sounded a long long cry, a dusty jingzhou soldiers rushed into the camp a face of excitement, was stopped, mouth is still excited tunnel.

神弹宫Thousands of arrows, an icy cluster of arrows tearing the air, has been shot instantly, in the continuous stuffy noise, wei's brows are wrinkled, the cluster of arrows could not shoot through each other's rattan shield, although also caused casualties, but with the imagination of mowing grass harvesting head scene is much worse.Formosa ke put his hands and grasped, Let the other side's blade pass, No change, Bones of the brier press down, Wei dragged the knife and left, Formosa ke is about to chase, but see wei yan suddenly turned the horse's head, hand broadsword from bottom to top across a fierce arc, this knife is somewhat similar to guan yu's drag knife skill, hit is unexpected, but for horses and their own riding skills have very high requirements, formosa ke said not frightened, also regardless of chase, hurriedly dodged."Go on." Zhuge liang quietly sat on top of the handsome, sink a track.

Zhuge Liang smell speech, nodding silently, The west into shu, Ben had a quick idea, After all, Liu Bei is no bigger than Lyu3 bu4, And occupied chengdu, there is enough hay support, jingzhou side first united cao cao against luoyang failed, and then burned a lot, and then zhuge liang western expedition shu, also almost jingzhou can mobilize hay with, although there is jiangzhou supplement, but now, also can't support such a large-scale battle.And Chen to, guan ping's death, for Liu Bei, The same blow is not small, but two strong, Chen to needless to say, guan ping to follow guan yu for many years, guan yu a martial arts, has learned 70%, now owe, just heat, over time, even less than guan yu, also enough to stand alone, quite liu bei loved, just now, so quietly killed by tardif, let liu bei how willing.神弹宫




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