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迅驰集团股权投资系统|茵塑美< / p > < p > liu bei is trying to mediate, a listen to these words, the face immediately black, again deep city, also can't bear this kind of naked provocation."MAO ~"Lu bu's momentum stopped immediately, turned around and took a look at cao cao's position. With a cold snort, he took off his bow and didn't look closely at cao cao's direction.

The sky tonight is especially clear. It can be predicted that tomorrow will be a good day. However, on such a day, the whole district is covered by fierce fighting.However, according to diao, this woman followed guan hai before he went to xuzhou. At that time, guan hai was down and out, and almost died in beihai. She saved him and never abandoned him when he was down and out.Vision to look ahead, clutter is gradually replaced by the pounding of footsteps, the earth trembled, gleaming clop gradually become muffled thunder roar, as if a huge concentration of drumstick continuously taps on the earth, the suddenly shot, is running a jun soldiers without warning fly body, the size of a bowl of blood hole in his chest, is can't distinguish the blood or organs of things all over the floor, a knight sudden rushes out from the crowd.迅驰集团股权投资系统|Just this is slave soldiers carried, follow lyu3 bu4 morale, hit downwind battle natural drawbacks, but against them at the moment, besides, there are countless torches, as if all directions is an enemy, Fried at camp, even the lyu3 bu4 prestige, also can let a few people calm down, more and more people began to not fly in general.

迅驰集团股权投资系统|"Look, there's someone ahead." At that moment an hussar was pointing down the road.Guan yu's face was expressionless, and he did not say much, but looked coldly at CAI MAO and the jingzhou army behind him."Lord, good into the house of shi shi, who want to plot against evil, have been all captured at the end, the rebels have been killed on the spot, the rest have been captured by the pro-guard camp, please send the Lord. Huang zhong coldly saw CAI madam one eye, bow body way to liu biao.

"Yo ~""General zhang, have other forces in the city been removed?" Yuan shang worried to see zhang he, froyuan into the emergence, let him have a bad feeling.Cao cao had more troops than the two men put together, but he was fighting on the same side.迅驰集团股权投资系统|




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