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大槻ひびき|培训企业名录Many huns gave up horses, roared directly toward lyu3 bu4 kill, as the huns warriors, they are not only good at horse station, even without mounts, they are also strong fighters."Don't worry, sir, you'll find out later." Zhang embroidered su rong a gift, turned away.Cheng Gongying eyes a bright smile way: "So, not only our thirty thousand han army can all pull out to concentrate on d, and with the deployment of cheng yin military forces, burn when Lao wang will also do a lot of, eighty thousand people stormed d, is plus lyu3 bu4, also enough to destroy it!"

"General ma polite, this time under the orders of the tetrarch, to help." Zhang embroidery slightly hand way, As lyu3 bu4 under the first to lyu3 bu4 governors, even if there is no skill, when the original seal, also should be listed in the column of generals, not to mention zhang embroidery skills, but unfortunately, at the beginning of the giffin has just shown loyalty to lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 is not too relieved, after all, lyu3 bu4's elite, most are zhang embroidery original military forces."It's always good to pay more attention. We should step up our efforts in the three areas of study." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, may be his worry, but what he wants is to grab the monopoly of knowledge from the family, promote to the whole people, any step wrong, may lead to the rebound of the whole world, can't help him carelessly.Larocca withdrew, and three shots have been fired, larocca's retreat all sealed to death, larocca gun out like a dragon, instantly, will all three shots fly, a burst of drinking in the ear like thunder, but d has in this moment, pegasus to, at a glance will see hanging on the city head of marten and matthew's head.大槻ひびき|Xu Gong is the former satrap of Wu Jun, When sun ce from yuan, beat liu yao, power soared, take advantage of wu county, xu gong lost, took refuge in yan baihu, after yan baihu perished, and defected to xu zhao, sun ce didn't pursue, not to mention potential poor force solitary xu gong, where to this skill, the sun ce is not weak scholar, xu gong invited people, can't be close to all difficult to say, let alone kill.

大槻ひびき|Candidate camp, lieutenant zhang han walked in, looked at the candidate doubtfully: "general, it is still early, will camp a little early at the moment?"Lyu3 bu4 looked at marotta, eyes with a little unwilling, then to set the tripod, this time to let him back?"Master remember to revenge for me!" Cheng Gongying drink loudly: "Li Kan stay to protect master, others, with me!"

At this point, a captain came in and bowed down and said, "General, General Zhang Liao sent for one thousand horses.""Wen He feels that if Han Sui and Marten fight, who wins and who loses?" Ride on horseback, lyu3 bu4 side head looked at giffin, asked with a smile."Say yes, but master of twenty thousand qiang army, the purpose is to surprise Korea thief rear, and our purpose, is to hold Korea hence the main force, the longer the time, master there is more favorable!" Marotta smiled and said, "Therefore, we have only 30,000 available men, but we have to delay the hundreds of thousands of Korea hence army, at present, still can only to keep the main, until the master of the success of the day, is the time to fight with Korean thieves!"大槻ひびき|




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