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五柳先生对门|滕州招工在家加工"General, if you die in battle, who will protect the Lord? ?" Xing daorong not according to way: "the general is gone, the general is dead here, for the Lord, in addition to the loss of the general, there is no meaning, and do not leave useful body, the next day to kill the enemy, will make good atonement!""Well!"The cold cut horse sword mercilessly cut to those jingzhou soldiers screaming, screaming, wail sound quickly disappeared.

"I see." < / p > < p > xu sheng a face suddenly expression, hu bing in the western region, frankly with the former slave soldiers are no different, the difference is, lu bu treatment of these soldiers or more humane...... In terms of treatment."Lord, if this goes on, sooner or later they will open the gate and the moat will not stop these beasts!" Pound frowned."I'll go, commander." Lv meng took zhou yu by the hand and said in a deep voice, "there is no lv meng and no commander in jiangdong!"五柳先生对门|Clever soldiers immediately picked up their shields and began to block the arrows of gao shunjun. Sure enough, though the shields were wooden, they were so strong that even gao shun's single-shot crossbows could not penetrate them.

五柳先生对门|"It is three ye, consigliere seeks me." Ford smiled with a slight salute."Let go! Guan yu said angrily.

Although the wooden shaft struck the shield, it failed to break through. However, many of the shields were wrapped in cow hide. The wooden shield inside started to break apart.Cao cao and liu bei has reached an alliance, and even shu of milan because of hanzhong, promised to the alliance, troops to hanzhong, after all their portal was opened, and milan failed to win in hanzhong city for so many years, lyu3 bu4 only sent a brigade assina, will in hanzhong city to win, the strength, also let milan was on pins and needles, uncomfortable."Ha ha, zhou yu's child, medium my family adviser's plan also!" In zhou an complexion mad change of the moment, a furious angry cheers, zhang fei iron tower figure appeared, around, a team of jingzhou soldiers and 500 jiangdong soldiers surrounded.五柳先生对门|




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