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长直发的她歌词|扬帆教育"D!" Larocca face exposed a ferocious, well aware of the desperate time, want to also don't want to, the silver gun a turn, stab d chest and abdomen."Chase, the beard is Korea hence!" Blood blurred eyes, plus the interference of the rain, some look not real, but with the appearance, almost has been engraved into d's soul, immediately howl, continue to chase."Mr. Wen-ho, what's the big deal here?" Lyu3 bu4 heart for Chen Gong Addis will giffin to bring the purpose, also some confused.

"Three thousand?" Seibel nodded: "I want to lead five thousand elite people, stationed in the north county, you will continue to stay in huaili, training recruits, while sending someone to changan for help, I will write a letter, please general wen yuan to help.""Killed!" Xiongnu warrior anxious way.Four xiongnu warriors roared to separate the crowd, toward lyu3 bu4 kill.长直发的她歌词|Shepherd slope, handsome tent.

长直发的她歌词|Deep bone marrow pain, let lyu3 bu4 face become ferocious, a faint smelly dirt in the body surface along with sweat seeps out of the body, and quickly pile up.Martial arts died, this will let the broken Cao Junxin panic, see him now in the array, immediately no heart, I don't know who, the first to throw away weapons, then run, the rest of jun said also a panic escape, really can't escape, then knelt on the ground to raise the weapons above the top, make a surrender."If you can kill Korea hence, north palace from willing to take effect loyal to you." North palace from roar buckled in front of lyu3 bu4, sink a track.

If it was later, Even if I knew this man, Probably also because he has a talented daughter CAI wenji, but if born in this era, sorted than CAI wenji big ten thousand times, east han dynasty Confucianism, teacher of right, that year is dong zhuoquan leaning toward the government and opposition, sorted CAI is ritual respect, dare not have the slightest snub, then yun wang came to power, forced to kill sorted CAI, I don't know how many celebrities.The death of companions, not to be feared, but inspired the cavalry chest anger, more madly urged the horses, toward each other dense formation rushed past.长直发的她歌词|





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